Our Staff

Curly Kids is staffed with passionate childcare workers ranging from high school, university and certified Educators. Our team are continually undergoing both in-house and external training in the childcare Industry. We ensure they obtain or have already obtained, as a Curly Kids Staff requirement, and national regulation, a Working with Children Check, First Aid, Asthma and Anaphylaxis and Child Protection Certificates.

Andrew Whitaker - P&C President/Director

Gillian Thompson - Coordinator

Grego Agic - Assistant Coordinator

Charmayne Nathan - Assistant Coordinator

Tilly Whitfeld - Senior Educator

Alice Lawler - Senior Educator

Ashleigh Baron - Senior Educator

Daniel Watts - Senior Educator

Georgia Ballinger - Office Assistant and Educator

Dakota Stuart - Educator

Leah McManus - Educator, Food preparation

Pheobe Jablonski - Educator

Kayla Biasi - Educator

Angus Jarrett - Educator

Marcela Castro - Educator

Tully Moffat - Educator

Matt Helm - Educator

Nathan Rowley-Bates - Educator

Reece Lovely - Educator