Stacks ON! Vacation Care Programme

The centre provides a fun vacation care running 8 weeks of the year for the enrolled families, school community and external students enrolled at a public primary school.
Vacation care runs from 7 am - 6 pm

  • Refunds: On School Grounds Themed Activities: Cancellations and transfers will only be granted when notice of the change is given by 2 weeks before the commencing Holiday Program.
  • Excursions or Hired Company themed days: Cancellations and transfers will only be granted when notice is given 3 weeks prior to the holiday camp commencing as the companies are booked in advance during the term.
  • Lost property: Curly Kids OOSH takes no responsibility for lost property. Families are advised not to bring valuables to the program. Money should not be brought to the program especially to the excursions, all cost needed are covered in the price displayed.
  • Electronic devices: All electronic devices including games, mobiles phones, MP3/iPod, iPad etc. are not in the care of the centre. If you allow your child to bring this device, Curly Kids OOSH takes no responsibility in the care or safety of these devices. Rules and guidelines will be set out for the child. Devices Stored in office area and only allowed to be used in free play.
  • Spare clothes: If your child needs spare change of clothes please advise the staff. Place spare clothes in a plastic bag in Childs bag. Any costumes dress ups to connect with themed day please still bring your child dressed in casual clothes and place items in a separate bag for when the activity id on to change into.
  • Food: If your child has Food ALLERGIES the centre will cater as best as it can in providing the meal replacement in themed Cooking days, Party day/Carnival Day, but advise the family to bring in the food for staff to cook or add to the theme. This will help prevent the child feeling excluded in the activity. Please LABLE the food with child's name and ingredients/Instruction for staff. Families supplying baked food to label the ingredients on the container or somewhere for staff to be aware of for our allergy children.
  • Meals: Children to bring a full day of meals and water like a school day (We are a NUT safety ZONE). Children bringing food into the centre needing to add boiling water or to be cut up for meals times, staff will follow procedure on food preparation. Food needs to be LABLED with child's name, instructions and ingredients if necessary to help prevent cross contamination.
  • Excursions: Children are requested to arrive 15 minutes before the departure of bus from the school. Information on the daily schedule and risk assessment will be displayed. Curly Kids OOSH will cancel excursions or companies coming to the centre within 48 hours of the programed day, if the attendance does not cover the day or staff costs. Curly Kids OOSH will provide a lower cost of care day to replace the company or excursion.
  • Allergies: Parents are required to inform and provide Food Management Plans, epi pens to the centre, and state clearly on the Enrolment Form of any allergies their child may have. Parents of children with potential anaphylactic or Asthmatic reactions must discuss management strategies with staff. Staffs are not allowed to administer an EpiPen without training. FAMILIES WHO DO NOT BRING IN THE MEDICATION NEEDED FOR THEIR CHILD AND UP TO DATE ACTION PLANS WILL NOT BEABLE TO ATTEND THE CENTER STAY!! All children with nut or anaphylaxis allergies must provide Curly Kids OOSH with a current coloured action plan (include a recent colour photo).
  • Medication: In accordance with the regulations from the department of health, SICK children with contagious illnesses must not attend the centre. Please notify staff if your child has contracted a contagious illness or have other health concerns while attending the centre i.e. Measles, chickenpox, head lice, etc. As the centre do not have the staff or facilities to care for a sick child. Please make alternative arrangements in the interest of your child's health and welfare. Parents requiring staff to administer medication should complete a 'Deed of Indemnity' form provided by the centre. Medicine should have child's name and correct dosage and come in the original package.
  • Arrival and Departures: Parents are required to sign their child in and out of the program each day. A supervisor must be aware of the arrival and departure of your children. Written notification is required to allow another person to collect your child if they are not on the listed as an authorised pick up. State this clearly in the enrolment form
    Parents and Guardians of children attending Stacks On! Holiday Programs are expected to do the following:
  • Ensure that your child is signed in and out each day, within the centres hours of operation (7am - 6pm). Arriving 10-15 minutes before excursions bus departures. Fees will apply to any child left at the centre out of the official hours of operation. These will be applied in accordance with Curly Kids OOSH late/early fee policy.
  • Provide your children with a hat and weather appropriate clothing, this includes enclosed shoes suitable for active play and appropriate clothing for sports programs. Apply 30+ SPF sunscreen to your child, either before leaving home or on arrival to the centre. The centre has sunscreen available for parents to use at its entrance.
  • Provide food for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea which has a high nutritional content. Curly Kids OOSH is an allergy focused centre. Nuts or nut products will be monitored to help support our Allergy children attending the stay. Please ensure if food is provided in the program, that children are still provided with adequate snacks to sustain them for the entire day. Send a refillable drink bottle, which children can use throughout the day.
  • All clothing, equipment or personal items should be clearly labelled with the child's name. If items are left at the centre and not collected in the two weeks after the program, Curly Kids OOSH will donate to a charity
  • Breach of the centre rules: Centre and childcare program rules are established for the safety and enjoyment of all children and written in the Policy book and communicated through out the centre sessions. Breaches of these rules may result in exclusion for your child/ren from the activities or the program following consultation between Centre Director/ Supervisors and Parents/ Guardians.


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